Unlimited Locations

Add unlimited locations under your Operator Account. Each location can have multiple routers, a different splash page and you can create reports by location or device. 

Customize On The Fly

Modify plans, put banners on splash page, customize layout from the Cloud. You can be anywhere in the world to do that. All changes are instant!

Prevent Network Abuse

Each user can get limited bandwidth (set by you on a per location or package basis). This way you can avoid the overload of internet connection by one user. You can also put users on blacklist if they are generating heavy traffic.

Router Alerts

All routers send life signals to our servers hourly so we'll know whether your Hotspot is down or working correctly. We'll send you an alert via email if we see something is wrong.

Manage Users

Check hotspot user's expiration date, bandwidth and traffic limits, any data that you captured during registration or login. Modify those limits on the fly, change password or suspend their access. Export customer’s data in csv or use our customer API to send welcome emails or put them on your mailing list automatically.

Master Accounts

Define users which can access your hotspot with their own username and password without limitations so they can use your hotspot for free. Two master accounts can be created per location.

Support Ticketing System

We provide a basic ticketing system so you can support your customers efficiently. Customers can write a message through the splash page and you can answer via the Control Center or email (which is also tracked). Ticket can be viewed freely through your hotspot, even if the customer doesn't have an access.

Data Capture

Customize what fields you require to fill out by your users. Request email, phone number or specify up to 5 custom questions, all will be saved and available for reporting purposes.